NXT 2 Pay is a platform that uses the latest in crypto currency, NXT, to facilitate cross border remittance, leveraging existing mobile money, payment processing and cash in / out facilities.

The simplicity of the system is that it allows for mobile money providers, cash businesses, payment processors and MNO’s to interoperate via a closed loop hub, that uses asset backed NXT Coins.

The benefit of NXT is the use of the blockchain ledger to provide an anti-fraud mechanism whilst allowing for reduced costs, faster transactions, inbuilt regulation and compliance and interoperability between disparate systems. As with existing mobile money solutions the tokens can be sent via SMS, Mobile App or Website


provides the following services

We provide a simple payment solution that works using your mobile phone as the account number and transaction verification process.

NXT Coins can then be sent internationally by SMS, Mobile APP or Online and converted to local mobile money or other cash out options via our local partners.

NXT2Pay works with our local partners to ensure a safe, secure and cost effective money services

NXT2PAY is used by NGO's, Associations, Crypto Currency users and Business's, a list that’s growing daily.

Transactions are processed on the NXT Blockchain for public ledger and with an internal blockchain for auditing and distribution purposes, making NXT2PAY a safe way to send and receive money, wherever you are.

About NXT Coin

You may already have heard of Bitcoin - the original cryptocurrency – or its derivatives, often called 'altcoins'. Nxt is the foremost second-generation cryptocurrency.

Nxt is more than just a digital currency. It's the infrastructure for a digital economy.

Digital currencies or cryptocurrencies are a way of transferring money over the internet. These combine cutting-edge encryption with far-reaching developments in social networking. The resulting advantages that cryptocurrencies offer over traditional methods of payment are truly remarkable.

We have used the same way of transferring money for centuries. Even with the advent of the internet, these methods didn’t really change much. Cryptocurrency is something completely new - so new that it cannot be described in terms of these traditional means of payment.

Instead, it’s easier to understand cryptocurrencies in terms of what they can do. For the first time in history, it is possible to send money anywhere on the planet within a few minutes, directly between individuals and completely securely, without relying on any banks, payment companies or other third parties, and virtually free of cost.

About Mobile Money

  • For consumers and vendors
  • Available to anyone & designed to work with illiterate and unbanked users in hard to reach territories.
  • No registration fees (Pay per Use)
  • Real-time transactions and balances
  • Doesn’t require a smart phone, tablet or PC to register and operate
  • Integrated reward & loyalty system
  • Integrated in to POS, ATM’s, Cash In / Cash Out, Touch less Payments (NFC), Banks & Pre-Paid Cards
  • Encrypted, Secure and Guaranteed Transactions


Send payments in local currency by using Crypto Currency or Digital Tokens then converted to a local payment method of choice.


Payroll and auditing system that enables you one account to distribute to multiple service providers.

A new way to end the corruption involved with payroll and payment distributions.

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